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House Parties Are So Much Fun!

The lovely Caroline contacted me earlier on this year to explain that she was organising an 'End of the Summer holiday's/kids back to school party' for what turned out to be a fantastic crowd of her family and friends. She checked my availability, and I was absolutely delighted to be able to accept her request and perform at her private house party.

Caroline's only expectation for the evening was that everyone would get up and dance, and in her own words "That’s EXACTLY what they did – they danced the night away and literally didn't want the night to end!”. And it was a memorable evening for me too. I was able to perform up on a high balcony overlooking Caroline’s stylish open-plan living room and kitchen area, so I had great views of the crowd dancing below and at the same time the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside through the huge expanse of full- height

windows as the sun went down and turned into night. My favourite moment of the whole party was when everyone lay down on the floor for my rendition of ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol and I’ll never forget at the end of the night seeing a long ‘conga’ forming down below during ‘I Will Walk 500 Miles’ by The Proclaimers and everyone filing up the stairs to the balcony and past me as I was singing and back down again!

My performance for the evening consisted of three 45-minute sets separated by 15-minute breaks during which I played pre-recorded music to maintain the atmosphere and energy levels. Caroline loves all types of music, including particularly traditional and modern Country, and explained that her main reason for choosing me is because I have a wide repertoire and would be an excellent choice for the party. I agreed the full setlist with Caroline ahead of the party – some 40-odd songs – and these included not only Country but lots of other popular covers across multiple genres including pop, rock, folk, reggae, ska, rock and roll and traditional so there were plenty of well-known favourites for all the guests.

I always ask for feedback from my clients post event so I know how they found the evening – what went down particularly well and whether there is anything I could add into my future sets. Caroline told me that she couldn't choose a favourite part, that she loved it all, and that all her friends and family were messaging her the following day saying what an amazing evening they had and how much they absolutely loved dancing the night away at her house. This is really such a huge compliment, and I couldn't go away from a gig asking for anything more.

Caroline was also kind enough to leave me a fantastic review which you will find on my website along with others. She insisted that she would highly recommend me for any functions and would love to have me back for any future parties.

Below are a few clips from the evening of me performing for Caroline and her fantastic crowd of family and friends, with covers of Queen, Snow Patrol, Abba, Jeff Beck, Luke Combs, Erasure and The Proclaimers.

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